Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0

After a very long changes, Visual Studio is available within its development interface, which now uses WPF(Windows Presentation Foundation). In this new VS the IDE of new VS now supports the use of multiple monitors, that means code can appear in more than one monitor like one monitor use code while another is used to display the database structure or etc. It also provide the all known look of "ribbon" interface that first came in Office 2007.

The Programmer or Developers will be happy with the new toolbox that can be used to target multiple platforms, ranging from standard binaries, to developing Silverlight apps.

It also provides a platform with which developers can build apps for Windows Phone 7.

New ASP.NET features
* Static IDs for ASP.NET Controls
* The Chart control
* Web.config transformation

New VB.NET features
* Auto Implemented Properties for VB.NET
* Collection Initializers
* Implicit Line Continuations
* Statements in Lambda Expressions

New C# features
* Dynamic Types
* Optional parameters
* Named and Optional Arguments

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